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We Do Need Breastfeeding Laws…

It’s World Breastfeeding Week and the internet and media is a buzz with chatter. It’s interesting to watch and be a part of this since EVERY week is “Breastfeeding Week” in my world! As a Nurse Midwife, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and owner of a retail store that caters to new and...

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My Remedy for Morning Sickness…What’s Yours??

Shari’s Recipe for Morning Sickness Relief from Joe Criso on Vimeo.
I am usually asked by pregnant mothers one of three questions:
*what is morning sickness?
*why am I having it? and/or
*what my best advice is for getting rid of it!?!
Watch this video to understand what morning sickness is, and a remedy that has worked for me and...

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How to Deal with Unwanted Advice!

How to Deal with Unwanted Advice from Joe Criso on Vimeo.
Do you receive unwanted advice? (related to your pregnancy, breastfeeding or parenting in ANY way!)
Like most moms, I did too – And usually when I least expected it!
So I created this post for you on how to handle unwanted advice.
Please share stories about unwanted advice...

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